Month: August 2018

First Halloween Purchase of the Year

Everything unwrapped

The internet may be awash in Halloween merchandise, but not a lot is on store shelves just yet. While the big empty “holiday” aisle in Home Depot makes me think the orange lights and animatronic inflatable yard dragons will be making their appearance very soon, my nearest Target in undergoing a complete store remodel, so […]

Monarchs, Week Three: Butterflies!

According to the internets, the process of a monarch from egg to butterfly usually takes about a month. But it has been unpleasantly hot for most of this summer and it only took 21 days. The big change this week was buying a second habitat and separating the caterpillars from the ready to hatch chrysalises. This […]

90 Days Until Halloween: Shopping Guide

It’s August, and you know what that means! Halloween merch is out! We’ll be putting together more in-depth guides to the various stores over the next week or so, but here is an overview of some of our favorite items. The glory days of high-end Halloween items seems to be over. While Pottery Barn and […]