Full Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

Full moons are interesting times. It is when we seen the moon most clearly, being both fully illuminated and in the sky at night. It doesn’t need to compete with the sun’s light in the sky, but it is only visible because it is reflecting that same light from the other side of the planet back to us.

Astrologically speaking, fulls moons are oppositions. The ego (Sun) is stationed opposite and in conflict with the emotions (Moon). Opposing signs will have the same modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable, also call the quadruplicates because there are four of each) and polarity (positive/negative) but not much else. This full moon, we have the Sun in Virgo (earth) and the Moon in Pisces (water), both are mutable and negative (negative like a battery terminal, not like “bad”). The ego wants to be detail oriented, practical, and critical. The emotions want compassion, intuition, and to escape the demands of reality. The conflict of the full moon is heighten by the Sun exerting its dominance over the Moon by bathing it with its light. Or is it the Moon who is using the light of the Sun to make itself seen? This battle of will versus emotion can lead to the erratic behaviors we associate with full moons.

august 26th astrology chart
The astrology chart for 7:56 am, on the 26th of August, 2018.

The upcoming full moon (it is full at 7:56 tomorrow morning, so the affects will be felt both today and tomorrow) has a very interesting astrological chart pattern. At the moment the moon reaches its fullest degree, a kite pattern is formed. In addition to the Sun/Moon opposition, Uranus and Saturn join in (at trines to the Sun and each other and sextiles to the Moon) to form the kite. And this kite is striking because all angles are exact (less than 1° off).

Venus and Pluto are also making an exact square, parallel to the Moon/Sun opposition.

I have incorporated these 6 planets into my full moon tarot spread. The other angles that can be seen in the chart are not exact and I have decided to not include those planets.

The Tarot Spread

Tarot spread for the full moon in Pisces 2018
Tarot spread for the full moon in Pisces 2018

The spread has six cards and covers the next two weeks – until the new moon.

First we have the Sun. It is the base of the spread. This is the action, the main focus of your next two weeks.

Second is the Moon, shining bright in the night sky. How do you feel about this action? Since the Sun and Moon are opposed, what we know we must do and how we feel about it might be in conflict. Are your emotions and ego in sync? Or do you have work to do to bring them into alignment?

The next two cards can help bring your Moon and Sun into alignment, since they are at “friendly” angles to both.

The third card is Uranus, the disruptor. Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac. What is the action of the Sun asking us to rebel against? The Moon agrees.

The forth card is Saturn, the keeper of boundaries. There is a rule you won’t break. Neither the Sun or Uranus will ask you to, as all three planets form a grand trine. This is the card that tells you your actions have gone too far and you need to pull back.

To the right of the kite, we have the Pluto/Venus square.

The fifth card is Venus, planet of love and beauty. This is what you are currently holding close to you.

The sixth card is Pluto, card of death, rebirth, and transformation. Watching my monarchs grow and change this month I have been thinking a lot about transformation. This card show us what we must give up in order to move forward.

The cards I pulled for this spread
The cards I pulled for this spread.

For the curious, this is my spread. You can speculate as to the interpretation 🙂 Deck is the Quantum Tarot (affiliate link).

  1. The Sun: King of Swords
  2. The Moon: King of Cups
  3. Uranus: The Chariot
  4. Saturn: 9 of Cups
  5. Venus: The Universe (this card is specific to this deck)
  6. Pluto: 7 of Wands

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