Illuminating the Dark: a Tarot Spread for the Solstice or Anytime

Today is the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. I haven’t been as organized this year as I had planned. Although I held a festive brunch last weekend for about 15 people, it was just yesterday that I decorated my tree (actually, more of a branch, I’ll post about that later) and shopping for family gifts is only half complete. But the world turns and the sun rises and sets and the Solstice arrives on its schedule no matter how much garland I have, or have not, hung on the bannister.

Astronomically, this Solstice is special; about once every ten years the Solstice and the full moon happen on the same day and 2018 is one such year. Here in Salem it has been a very warm, grey, rainy day. I didn’t see the sun all day, and I doubt I’ll see the moon tonight.

Later tonight I’ll be lighting candles to mark the longest night, but today I worked on a different form of illumination: I changed the bulbs in my car headlights. The right headlight had gone out several days ago and since Joe needs the car to get to and from work, we hadn’t had a change to fix it. This afternoon we both had some time off, so he headed to the store to buy bulbs and I watched YouTube videos about the process. After fretting for days, the whole replacement process took about 10 minutes, no tools required.

This simple repair that enables the car to literally light the road ahead got me thinking about the Solstice and what it means to be a light in the darkness. I have put together this tarot spread to identify what is tripping you up and how to get past it to your destination. Use it tonight for the Solstice, or any time you need to clear and illuminate your path.

The Tarot Spread for Illuminating the Road Ahead

tarot spread for lighting your path

Staying with the analogy of the car with the broken light, layout 6 cards, starting at the left. The first car is you, the second 2 are the headlights, 4 and 5 are the road, and 6 is the destination at the end of the road.

First card: You. Where are you? Is you position secure, or is it perilous in some way?
Second card: The problem. This is your broken light. What is obscuring your path?
Third card: The solution. Problems can be solved. This card will show you the action or resources you need to make the path clear.
Fourth card: Obstacles. With the lamp out, you have not been able to see obstacles further down the road. What is coming up you need to prepare for?
Fifth card: The clear path. When you can see clearly, you can navigate without surprises. What can you do to make your path easier?
Sixth card: The destination. Where is this path leading you? What can you expect further down the road?

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