New Podcast!

Exciting news to share with you all! I, along with my friend Ana of Circle of Stitches, have started a podcast. Called Witch City Witches, we talk about a wide range of topics related to modern witchcraft and Salem, MA.

We are currently on Spotify and SoundCloud, with more platforms coming soon. Check out our new website for links on where to listen. The first episode premiers on the Solstice: Saturday December 21st and new episodes will be released twice a month.

I’m thrilled to be working on this project. Salem, MA has so much to offer modern witches and most of the Salem specific info that is out there focuses on the trials in the 1600s, not the people who have moved here to be part of the modern community. There are also many, many different types of witchcraft, and ways to define witchcraft present in the city. We will be talking to a wide range of people to get a broad view of the different paths and experiences here in Witch City.

Hope you tune in and join the conversation!

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