Happy New Year!

New year, new blog.

I’ve been putting off writing this for a very long time. Mostly I was waiting until I finished the blog template design. You’ll notice that I’m using a generic WP template, that is because my Photoshop mocks for my custom design say “Oct 2014” in the sample content and they are still not done. Procrastinating and waiting on perfect is a theme in many of my projects.

So I am side-stepping the issue and just writing. Eventually I will finish my custom design and amaze you with its wondrousness. For now, I am refusing to let my procrastinations snowball and just putting words out there.

But what is this blog for? Well, the official answer is it’s to showcase cool stuff I do around my house – decorating and cooking and entertaining and playing with cats. “Lifestyle” blogs are popular these days and I think the lifestyle of a somewhat gothy, pagan, vegetarian, web developer/writer/film nerd living in Witch City, USA (Salem, MA) with her husband and 3 cats might be interesting to people. But also it’s a reason to finish some of the many projects I have started and never completed. A reason to write at least once a week. A flag in the ground claiming my little corner of the internet.

Welcome to this magic house. My home on a hill.


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