The Ubiquity of Self Doubt

Dead Horse Beach in the fog

I’ve been leading full and new moon meditations at Circle of Stitches for a few months now. Participants are invited to speak about what they are looking to remove from their lives and what they are looking to gain. One thing that comes up over and over is the desire to remove self doubt. 

It is such a common refrain that I now build the removal of self doubt into the guided journeys. Self doubt. Imposter syndrome. Whatever words we choose, it all means the same thing: we are holding ourselves back. And we know we are holding ourselves back. 

I experience self doubt all the time. It’s the main reason this blog is updated so infrequently. I have an idea, or I work on a project, and first I think “I should blog this!” But then I think, “but who will read?” and I never quite finish the post. 

Self doubt also creeps in when I read tarot cards. Will I give the client the answers they need? Or maybe, will I give them answers they need but don’t want? I’m a Pisces sun, I don’t like it when people are upset with me (but I’m also a Capricorn moon, so they frequently are…)

Looking at social media, it looks like everyone else has it together. That everyone else has the self confidence to live their dream. But when we are in spaces where it is safe to open up, it turns out everyone is struggling with similar issues. We show people a highly edited version of our lives and hope we meet the expectations of their masks. Connecting with others and knowing we are not alone can be the first step in overcoming our fears. 

What are you finding hard right now? What do you know you could be doing, but fear is standing in your way?


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